Practicing in San Francisco, CA  


About Me


I have been caring for people's health for over 20 years. My career as a Registered Nurse at Mt. Zion Hospital and the U.C.S.F. Medical Centerin San Francisco has been challenging and rewarding, touching and tough, sometimes all at once, but at the end of the day, always fulfilling.

Hospitals can be difficult places to be and I have always strived to add as much personal care as possible to patients stays. Over time I felt I could do more, and wanted to have a more direct affect on my patients well being.

When I discovered TCM I realized I found my niche. Here was a way that considered the state of the whole person and sought to bring that state into balance. TCM can help with problems that our Western medicine does not, is a complement to it in many cases, and is a wonderful way to keep ones health and well being at its best.

I have treated many different kinds of cases successfully, ranging from impotence to sleep disorders and pain management. I specialize in diagnosing individuals conditions and prescribing the right application of acupuncture.


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